Brautek offers a complete lubricant line for all industrial applications. Brautek products formulation, quality and performance are at the level of the major oil companies. Our products meet and exceed all industry specifications and OEM requirements. Designed for real world operating conditions, Brautek®  provides an excellent level of service, protection and useful lifetime while effectively saving energy.


Brautek is fully responsible with environmental conservation and is an accountable neighbor in all communities where we operate. Brautek evicts all kind of hazardous environmental practices by always having our production and commercial facilities meet rigorously or go over all federal, state, and local normative related to health, safety and environment.

We work to make our company the most innovative and dependable as possible. We offer reliable products incorporating leading edge and best field probe technologies. We make sure to have the precise product that work best for your equipment and your production costs.

For more than 25 years, Brautek has operated on the premise that our success is based solely on the success of those who use our products. Therefore, in order to do so, we are constantly evaluating new base stocks and additives to provide our customers with the best lubricants technically available.

We ensure our quality and consistency through rigorous physical and chemical control procedures, including batch testing on every quarter of sales. The manufacturer plant of Brautek, reaches most rigorous qualifications in all main fields: quality process, quality lab, environmental security, human safety. Our technicians share centuries of experience in lubricant application and development in order to offer solutions to our customers. Brautek joint their products with high level Technical Support, designed to generate benefits and cost reduction wherever they work.